New Hostel in NITRR for UG Students.

New Hostel in NITRR for UG Students.

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Dr. A.M. Rawani (Director, National Institute of Technology, Raipur) and

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Started by Aditya Kumar Dubey

We want new hostels for all the UG students of National Institute of Technology, Raipur. The existing facilities isn't enough to accommodate even 60% of the UG students and this puts financial strain on the family of the student.

The Faculties and Staffs who earn more than 1 Lakh/month including the dean, director etc. get a place in the college campus even after earning more than enough. Even the PhD students who get more than 25K/month are allotted hostels even when they can take care of themselves quite well.

Lot of students leave their home for the first time to leave in a alien city which puts all kinds of strain on the student and it's family. The strain can be mental, physical, economical etc. Many people come from rural area. But since hostels are only available for the selected few, many of the students are forced to live outside the campus in poor conditions.

So we the UG students of NIT, Raipur demand on-campus lodging facilities for all the students. Giving Preferences to Faculties and Staff must stop and attention must be diverted towards the Students who pay the fees but don't get to enjoy the campus facilities to the fullest.

Would be great if the students get to live in their very own Hostel Rooms after they start their college offline.

502 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!