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Floods are going to get even worse because of the loss of trees. An underpass is not the answer to the traffic and floods.

The University of Santo Tomas is a national treasure, and there are more than 40,000 students studying there. The government should immediately take action to control the floods and the everyday traffic in the area which also leads to other major universities and establishments.

The floods around the area accumulate in a matter of seconds, and trees take decades before they reach their peak level. An underpass will bring nothing but more noise and pollution in the area, where several schools and universities are located. If there are no trees to filter out the air, what is in store for the people living/studying/working in the area? 

A repeat of the several catch basins of the flood like the Araneta underpass and the Quiapo underpass is in the works, and hundreds of trees are going to be cut down, once again, by the same organization which has committed this crime against mother nature several times in the past. 

Letter to
Secretary, Department of Public Works and Highways Hon. Rogelio L. Singson
Mayor of the City of Manila Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada
On behalf of the 'KSP' trees around España, Manila, we, students and concerned citizens of the Philippines call on your attention regarding the proposed underpass along Lacson and España. An underpass is not the solution and the more than 300-400+ trees around the area are treasures of the environment. We are hoping that your organization can find an alternative way to end the flooding that has plagued the area for so long and an underpass is simply, not the best solution.

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