Protest Letter Against Fee Increase by DPS Indirapuram (2019-20 Academic Session)

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This petition/campaign is to collect signatures of parents whose wards are studying in DPS Indirapuram school. 

Following is the protest letter that DPS Indirapuram Parents Welfare Association (Regd) will send to the Principal of DPS Indirapuram School after taking your signatures on this petition:

The Principal

Sub : Protest Against Fee Hike for 2019-20 Session 

Respected Madam,

This is to inform that we (Those Parents of Wards Studying in DPS Indirapuram School who have deposited their Fee Cheques for Academic Year 2019-20 and Those Parents who have so far not deposited their Fee Cheques for Academic Year 2019-20) want to strongly protest against the Fee Hike by DPS Indirapuram School for 2019-20 Academic Session.

This fee hike of yours is against the order of DFRC, Ghaziabad (dated 11-Jan-2019), in which DFRC, Ghaziabad had clearly instructed the School Management of DPS Indirapuram School to implement/revert to Fees structure of 2017-18 for the new academic session 2019-20 and barred the school from any kind of Fee Hike. 

Since DPS Indirapuram School has chosen to not honor the order of DFRC, Ghaziabad, and not accepting School Fee for session 2019-20 as per Fee Structure of 2017-18, Parents have the legal right to not deposit Hiked School Fee as per your demand. 

We, the Parents, also know that running a school requires funds and don't want school to face significant financial problems that they start to compromise on education of our wards. Keeping this consideration in view, a section of Parents amongst us have gone ahead and paid Fee through advance cheques for the academic session 2019-20. This act of ours, however, should not be taken as our acceptance of Fee Hike done by you; it is only to support the school financially.

Since you also know, and you are a party as well to, that the matter of your Fee Hike is being heard by Hon'ble Allahabad High Court, we ask you to take School Fee that is as per Fees structure of 2017-18 only and as per DFRC, Ghaziabad order (quoted above). 


With warm regards,

DPS Indirapuram Parents Welfare Association (Regd)
On Behalf of Parents of DPS Indirapuram

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