Give Denver Students New Diplomas Without Alleged Rapist’s Name

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I’m a student at Denver Public Schools. Last week, I earned my diploma. That diploma was signed by an alleged rapist / pedophile.

Tay Anderson's name is on every single one of our diplomas-- and he has 62 (and counting) sexual assault accusations against him from four different occasions. Three organizations including BLM 5280 and a student-ran organization (that Tay was president of) have spoken out about this or have even been the ones to report it. Many of those accusations went ignored and one of the organizations that spoke out against him were DISSOLVED!!!!! 
The school allowed him to work on the board and sign every 2021 graduating students diploma once the accusations were ALREADY PUBLIC.

The students of Denver Public Schools will not tolerate an alleged rapist’s name on our diplomas.

Every student at DPS has worked incredibly hard to earn this certificate that we will hold for the rest of our lives. To know that an alleged sexual assault assailant has signed this meaningful document is sickening. Imagine being a sexual assault survivor just to learn that the thing you worked so hard for was signed by a district wide (alleged) rapist.

I know many victims of his predatory behavior. They do not deserve to live with his name forever.

We stand together against child rapists and pedophiles-- DPS should stand against them too. Not with them.

Denver Public School District owes each and everyone of us a new diploma without his name on it.

Make this right. Redistribute diplomas without his name.

We urge DPS to release a statement encouraging Tay Anderson to RESIGN from his position on the board. He “temporarily stepped down” but proceeded to vote on the next superintendent after this ALL. He plans to go back to his position in August when kids go back to school. Kids are terrified and some don’t want to go to school because of this.

If you are a current or former DPS student, please add a petition comment on why this matters to you.