Save Kuli'ou'ou and Paiko Ridge from Future Development. We need the revised EHSCP Updated

Save Kuli'ou'ou and Paiko Ridge from Future Development. We need the revised EHSCP Updated

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Why this petition matters

It is our goal to protect ALL of Kalapa o Maua (Paiko Ridge) from all development for generations to come. The two parcels that make up the majority of Kalapa o Maua (TMK: 3-8-013-001 and TMK: 3-8-014-001) have been the subject of development controversy for years now. The threat of rock fall liability and unsuccessful negotiations with the land owners have delayed the permanent protection of these two parcels. This ‘aina needs to be completely zoned as preservation. The East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan (EHSCP), the plan that guides appropriate development in East Honolulu, is being revised. The Community Growth Boundary in the EHSCP, the boundary that guides future development in East Honolulu, once established, will remain fixed through 2040. It is vital that the revised EHSCP protect ALL of Paiko Ridge, including that portion on the Paiko Ridge West Kuli'ou'ou valley wall currently identified within the State Urban District, by placing this section outside of the Community Growth Boundary. It is critical that this section be immediately protected as it is the current focus of the land owner's development plans. Until we, the community, can navigate our way through the many issues that surround this beautiful mountain, we must remain vigilant in protecting the policies pertaining to development in East Honolulu.

Therefore, we, members of the Community hereby support the following 3 changes:

1. The State Urban District section of Paiko Ridge (TMK: 3-8-013-001) be excluded from the Community Growth Boundary and identified with red marking as illustrated in the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan, Exhibit 2-1: Community Growth Boundary.

2. In Table 2-1: Potential Housing Within CGB on Lands Zoned for Residential Use in the revised East Honolulu Communities Plan, remove the row containing “Kuli'ou’ou” under the “Project Area” column; remove “8” under the “Possible Units” column; and remove “Large Vacant Lot” under the “Description” column. The area for these units will be changed to be outside the Community Growth Boundary.

3. Denial of Subdivision Application 2018/SUB-171, the application requesting the 4.12 acres be subdivided out from TMK: 3-8-013-001. We support TMK: 3-8-013-001 remain fully intact and that it be acquired by the Department of Land and Natural Resources to be added to the existing Kuli’ou’ou Forest Reserve. Pursuant to precedent set by multiple Supreme Court rulings, the Community does not agree with the Department of Permitting and Planning’s comments on the Planning Commission’s Deferral response approval (with conditions) of the Subdivision application to subdivide this section of TMK: 3-8-013-001. This conflicts directly with the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan and is the first-step for continued expansion onto undeveloped, sloped valley wall areas.

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7,424 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!