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Add Sexual Consent Education to Wisconsin High School Curriculum

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My hands have grown tired from clutching my pepper spray as I walk from my car to my front door. 

My eyes have grown weary from sleepless nights, afraid of waking up to a world where sexual assault has become a constant. 

My mind has grown dizzy with never-ending stories from fellow sisters who have been groped, jeered, and intimidated. 

My heart has grown heavy with the burden of women who have been wronged and subsequently blamed for their own victimization. 

Enough is enough. 

In a recent classroom discussion, I was blown away by the comments made by classmates in regards to the advice they were given in order to avoid sexual assault. 

The females were told not to drink too much. They were told to cover up, to walk in groups, and to never go out at night alone. 

This is not sexual consent education. This is the backbone of a society built on victim-blaming and an underlying rape culture that can no longer be tolerated. 

It's 2016, and it's time we educate our children on the importance of true sexual consent.

We must teach our students that they are not entitled to someone else's body, no matter how drunk they are. We must instill in them the morals of respectful human beings who don't touch somebody simply because their skirt is too short. We must stop informing our youth that it is their responsibility not to get raped, and instead focus on stopping the rape altogether.

By signing this petition, you are helping our state get one step closer to terminating this terrifying societal norm that is taking over our newspapers, our gyms, our schools and our streets. 

Once I have collected a considerable number of signatures, I will present this petition to the appropriate jurisdiction and work on getting legislation introduced to add sexual consent education to Wisconsin high school curriculum. 

Thank you for your empathy and your support in making our state a safer place for everyone. 

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