Our local dpd driver Charanjit to stay on this route and not be moved.

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Charanjit has lifted the mood of the locals since he started delivering parcels to the area. He always has a smile and he's friendly amicable nature is contagious. He is an asset to the local community and throughout this pandemic when so many of us were and are confined to our houses with no social interactions, Charanjit has been the warm smile and friendly greeting we have all needed to lift us up and keep us going. He truly is an asset to the area.

Taking away Charanjit would be taking a piece of our hearts away now. He is loved by all, local businesses and families combined. Taking him away from this area would be taking away our sunshine.

Charanjit needs to stay on this route delivering to and around Welshpool. He is the constant we need in our lives. To move him now would disappoint so many people and I'm sure that includes Charanjit. Where there have been do many uncertainties recently throughout the pandemic, Charanjit has been our constant, lifting the mood of all his customers he delivers to. So many delivery companies get a bad name from problems with deliveries but everyone knows if DPD is delivering their parcel, then it is in the best hands.

Don't move Charanjit,  please keep him on the Welshpool route. He is an incredible man and we can't lose him now!