Mc Donald's Mount Horeb, WI Management Removal

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McDonald's in Mount Horeb Wisconsin used to be a kid-friendly atmosphere, with well-prepared meals with friendly staff... but this was years ago. Since the change in ownership; this place, along with other McDonald's, has been going downhill as we are learning about from posts on Facebook and the news this week. 

Recently, a concerned customer posted her experience with the store and staff, and it went viral with over 1 thousand shares in a 24 hour period. This experience was aired on local news out of Madison, Wisconsin on Channel 3 and Channel 47. 

Hundreds of customers in this small community have expressed their disgust towards this establishment and the management team.  One manager agreed to go public about this situation and shed some light.

The problems are far worse then they appear.  Here are some examples that were listed by customers:

1. Place smelling of urine. 

2. Ants in Playland.

3. Garbage overflowing in bathrooms.

4. lack of staffing to address issues.

5. Mice Droppings found in Ketchup Dispenser area.

6. Fly Feces on monitors in lobby.

7. trash cans overflowing in lobby.

8. unprofessional general manager who would not respond when asked to speak about the problems.

9. food served cold and incorrect orders.

After speaking with the manager that agreed to talk with us, he informed us of the following other issues:

1. Employees showing up to work intoxicated.

2. Employees harassing special needs employees and not being reprimanded.

3. Employees calling in to work too many times with no action taken.

4. Employees not showing up for their shift with no action taken.

5. Corporate office punishing employees for overtime.

6. General Manager not following franchise-specific policy and procedures.

7. Harassment from corporate directors related to operations of store and sales, including labor costs.

8. Discrimination by the corporate officers towards the manager in question for following the policy and procedures in reprimanding another manager for theft.

9. Other store managers in their off time intimidating employees and management, interfering with normal operations, and being told not to talk to media or they will be fired, which is a clear violation of their first amendment rights. 

10. Store not being cleaned as it should be on a daily basis. 

11. Mice eating food product in the storage area and still serving it to customers.

12. Non-licensed people spraying pest control products near areas where food is made or consumed.

13. Poor maintenance of equipment, and consistently broken equipment.

14. Numerous Health Code Violations.

15. Numerous Fire Code Violations.

16. Numerous Building Code Violations; i.e. roof leaks when raining, on electrical equipment water pools up in walk ways.

17. Management and corporate refusal to address customer concerns until a corrective action is in place, and then only apply "band-aid" short-term fixes.

 We need to let Corporate know that management needs to be held accountable for this. Please sign this petition and ask for the immediate removal of Glenn Lawrence, Chris Edseth, Omar Osario, Director of Operations Chris Walker, Vice President Todd Pickett and Human Resource Director Erica Gasse. The two other managers at this location have already resigned.

Let's bring back the wonderful atmosphere of McDonald's that previous members of management have been trying so hard to accomplish, but were denied because of upper management roadblocks.