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Toxicology Report

Tara McCarty
Campbell Hill, IL

Aug 9, 2012 — How does this updaAfter over 5 months of waiting ad Damein's toxicology results being misplaced, we finally got the results we already knew.....Damein was not taking any drugs or medication other than Doxycycline and had not been drinking alcohol.
This just speaks volumes to the effect Doxy has on some people. Even severely depressed individuals who are plannig suicide for a long time, almost always drink excessively or take drugs or pain medication before they attempt the actual act. It not only numbs them, but gives them the courage to follow through. Rarely does someone take thier life 100% unenebriated and drug free. Oh Damein, you always had to be different didn't you? Now we can move on with our petition!!! Please kepp sharingte help inform your supporters?


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