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Get song raising awareness of the sixth mass extinction in the charts.

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We are in the anthropocene, an era where human activity is having such a negative impact on planet earth that we have begun a mass extinction event - the rate of extinction of species has greatly increased. Unfortunately this goes under reported and many people are not aware the sixth extinction is happening. 

It is lost species day in the last week of November, if we can download as many copies of this song as possible between 24th and 30th November we can get it in the charts and thereby raise awareness. Official chart rules say each download must cost a minimum of £0.40 - if you click the link below you will be able to purchase the song called 'Extinction Dance'. Please note it must be downloads to be effective for this campaign.

Click this link to buy the song to get it into the charts

Click here to join the facebook event (useful for getting it in your calendar as a reminder : - )

Please note this can apply to anywhere in the world - wherever you are, please download, downloads will count globally.

(Thanks to the extinction symbol image seen above)

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