Tell CEOs to quit Trump's Council or face boycott.

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President Trump has not only missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together by unequivocally rejecting the appalling actions of white supremacists, but instead has doubled down on his rhetoric and in so doing, failed to show any kind of moral leadership.

Several CEOs have already quit the President's Manufacturing Jobs Initiative Council after previous statements by Trump made it clear they could not stand with the President either personally or professionally or both. There remain, however, twenty-five CEOs of major American companies that have not been able to break with the President even in light of the most recent evidence that remaining on the Council is at odds with their stated goals of diversity, fairness and condemning racism.

We can help those CEOs to do the right thing for their companies' shareholders, employees and customers. If they understand that remaining on the President's Council will alienate those who work for their companies, those who buy their products or services, or those who own their companies' stock, they will resign.

Signing this petition makes it clear to them where you stand and what is at stake. If they do not resign, they face a boycott of their products. Resigning from the President's Council makes it clear to the President that he stands alone. That even those allies he admires most, Wall Street CEOs, are ready to abandon him; and it tells the world that America is not moving backwards; that it will not tolerate racism, even from it's President.

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