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Dover-Eyota Students Deserve Safer Routes to school, not the opposite, tell the board.

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Success! The bus stops will be reinstated and a committee is going to be formed!

During the July 2017 board meeting, the Dover-Eyota School board voted to eliminate three in-town bus stops in the city of Eyota.min  All in-town bus stops south of the railroad tracks are to be eliminated at the start of the 2017 school year.  

There are few sidewalks in this section of town.  Not every person in town can afford to move to a more desirable location closer to the school or with sidewalks (and only so many exist). Not every family can afford a home in the country where the buses will pull up to our property. Not every parent has the flexibility to drive their child to school. The unanimous decision to eliminate three in town bus stops during makes what was already an unsafe situation for children trying to walk to school an even worse one.  Parents who need to start driving their children to and from school will add to the already congested elementary parking lot.

The following is requested:

We are requesting that the Dover-Eyota Board of Education rescind their motion from the July 2017 meeting and reestablish the bus stops south of the railroad tracks.  We are further requesting that the Dover-Eyota Board of Education explore (with community input) adding in town bus stops and other ideas to increase the safety of student transportation to school for the 2017-2018 school year and beyond.  Major points of concern are highlighted here:

1)       The July decision is a cut in services, not an increase in efficiency of those services.  Examples of increasing the efficiency would be finding a way to make the existing routes have a shorter schedule, or adding a van to supplement the routes, not eliminating stops.

2)      Rather than looking for ways to cut costs and services, the school board should be looking for ways to expand those services.

3)      There are not sidewalks for students to get to and from school for the students who had their in town bus stops eliminated.  

4)  The one mile walk zone established by the school board is not accurate or acceptable.  There are homes on the south side of the railroad tracks that are further than a mile walk from the elementary school.  The expectation that a kindergartner or other young elementary student walk further than, or even equal to a mile to get to school is unacceptable.

5)  The children who used the Glen Street stop and other stops, will now need to walk on a through street (Jefferson Avenue) with no sidewalk to get to and from school.

6)  The children who used the United Methodist and Holy Redeemer stops will now need to cross a county highway (5th street) without a crossing guard to get to school.

7)  The removal of the bus stops will likely cause more parents to drive their children to and from school, adding to the congestion in the elementary parking lot.

8)      The board’s July minutes indicated it would wait until winter to revisit the decision.  What new information are you waiting for?  Its Minnesota, it will be cold, and there will be a lot of snow. The snow banks along the roads in town will be piled high, lowering visibility, and forcing students to walk in the street.


In closing:  Is the school district in or approaching a serious financial crisis?  If not, there is no reason to make cuts that increase the risk of a serious accident for students who are trying to get to school.  

The 2017-2018 school year is rapidly approaching and will begin before your next meeting.  We expect a response to our petition at the August school board meeting on August 14th, 2017.

 I will be at the meeting on August 14th to present these concerns and this petition.  Please feel free to join me in supporting our community's kids.  Please share the link to this petition with others.  Thank you, Jacob Robinson


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