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Dover District Council: Save Kingsdown White Cliffs beach from development

The beaches at the foot of the White Cliffs of Dover need protection. A proposed development will result in 12 large mobile beach huts spoiling the wild beach at Kingsdown. The beach is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, next to the conservation village of Kingsdown. As a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and home to rare plants and wildlife, it has been enjoyed by generations of visitors, holiday-makers and residents for its beauty, tranquility and free access. This nationally important part of the coastline with tales of smugglers, heroic rescues, Caesar's first landing and the first female swimmer to cross the Channel, ending at Kingsdown is now under threat.

If you care about Britain's beaches and its coastline, the environment and local communities, and want to protect what is precious about this White Cliffs beach, I need as many people as possible to do TWO things:

ONE: please sign this petition on 

TWO: enter your comments on the DDC planning comment section of the website. I have provided an outline letter but feel free to make your own comments.

In that way, future generations may be able to enjoy this unspoilt area too. There isn't much time: deadline 15 March. For full information about this application visit the Kingsdown Conservation Group website.

Letter to
Dover District Council Planning Sarah Platts
Dover District Council Planning Mike Ebbs
I urge you to reject the application by Tingdene Holiday Parks Ltd (DOV/12/01016) to build 12 large beach huts on Kingsdown Beach.

The string of large beach huts will ruin the wild and natural beauty of this iconic White Cliffs beach at Kingsdown. They will be built on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), where rare plants and wildlife is thriving. The beach has been enjoyed by generations of holiday-makers, visitors and residents for its beauty, tranquillity and universal access.

Please take my objection into account.