Save mature trees in Deal Town by Coop Car Park

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We are told that Aldi who have applied to take over the Coop supermarket in Deal, want to cut down the mature trees and may replace them with saplings. The mature trees (covered by a 1981 Tree Preservation Order) are healthy and in their prime and as such are of great benefit to our town. The residents who have contacted us have expressed their deep dismay that such a plan to fell the trees would ignore the value of the trees to the community, in terms of the way the trees mitigate air pollution in an evermore congested town, the protection from wind chill to homes and pedestrians, and their huge value in terms of human health and well-being, as well as their use in allowing us to fulfill our responsibilities to other species and biodiversity. The property values in Deal are linked to Deal's charm, and again felling these established trees (or the silver birches seemingly planted since the TPO was registered) would detract from the town's charm and property values.