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Dove's work to support positive self-image is admirable, and heightens self esteem. Doing things to show you care for others is a great way to get more business and is compassionate, but shouldn't such a caring company show some compassion for animals?

As the world and humanity are advancing, we still cling to ancient, inefficient ways. There are reasons on either side of this argument but in the end it rules towards how animal testing, in this day and age, is excessively cruel, and easily replaced by other methods. Animal testing is archaic and unjust.

Please sign this petition to tell Dove that testing on animals is not okay, and that as consumers, we will not use their products until they are cruelty-free.


Letter to
Dove Beauty Products Dove Beauty Products
While we greatly admire your effort to support self esteem, we would love to see you extend that compassion to all living beings, and stop using animals as test subjects for your products. Not only is the golden rule important to apply to your business but also animal testing is not as effective as it may seem. The animals cannot say how they feel, they are just scared. The tester has no idea how much pain the animal is feeling and what is causing them to feel that way. You are taking advantage of animals that have no voice, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve one.We are their voice.
These animals deserve better, and your company should have empathy for these living beings. What if they tested on humans and you were only valued as an experiment, just a chance of good profit for a company of people who don't care to spare your life? Luckily, those people can change their methods and save lives.
Please switch to cruelty-free ways of testing your products, as you will gain more consumers, and the animals need to be treated fairly. Follow the lead of many successful businesses who have banned animal testing, and cut animal testing out of your company.

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