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Reinstate the traditional Freeman Rebel as Mascot

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Tradition is a beautiful institution. That institution has been dwindling over the years as we as a people decide what traditions are favorable and which are harmful. On July fourth, we still watch fireworks to commemorate our independence. Now, we face the dilemma of our mascot and name change. The mascot that has been a part of Douglas Freeman’s family for almost sixty years is “The Rebel Man” or, in other words, a confederate soldier of the South. The South was fighting for their states’ rights to defend their quite twisted economy.  Offense is one thing, while human rights violations are another. The war is over, and we are united under one flag and those humans that were treated less than such have had their rights restored. The Rebel Man was never intended to embark racism or start any kind of political controversy, but only to represent our city’s history. Over the years, the musket and stars and bars have been revoked from our mascot, so what is the harm in having a silly man run around in gray and blue at football games? Richmond was the capital of the confederacy and it is our history. Our city was decimated and we have rebuilt it, leaving us stronger. Why can we not see the beauty of the Rebel Man mascot? He is a symbol of our state and our motto, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” and if we take that away, then we are taking away a part of our history. Instead of rejecting tradition, we need to embrace it. However, most importantly we must address that in no way does our mascot reflect our school as one that supports slavery or the mal treatment of the African American community, but more so as the Freeman Family. The Freeman Family is a diverse group that comes together under this rebel man, in times of joy and sorrow. In football games, we are proud to be the rebels, a name that was a staple for the previous classes. Freeman has produced some of the most successful Richmonders, being one of the few old, yet elite public schools in the district, much less the state. In no way do I or my fellow Freeman Rebels want to disassociate from the strong alumni base we have, whose pride in their high school would quickly diminish. Our school does not have racial issues by any means. We are a very welcoming community, accepting every walk of life. We are a Freeman Family with a beautiful extended one that dates back to the fifties with the same rebel man mascot under one name: The Freeman Rebels.

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