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       Hi everyone , we are Douglas High School students and have played volleyball since most of our life along with most of our other friends , volleyball has been one of the most major priorities in our lives until school season started and everything changed. The coaches are not only negative on the floor but talk badly and down about players behind their backs to other players on the team, they cause stress and insecurities while making the sport burdensome. Overall, the coaches have caused several players to quit volleyball altogether because they ruin it and make them lose their inspiration for it . Both Jv and Varsity have toxic coaches who bring you down instead of build you up, they focus and bring in your personal life into volleyball which is unnecessary. The varsity coach Suzi Townsell is the main focus as  she only cares about you if you are good and on her team. Another priority, not as concerning is Marie Foster on the Junior Varsity Team, who will leave her own team every practice to play with varsity, many JV players are upset about that. Many generations of players on their team went through the same. We know that the community will be much happier with new inspiring, uplifting, coaches who make the team happy as well . Many parents also feel strongly about this subject. We were trained to share our mind and speak it, not to sit and be quite and we believe that this subject is important enough to share this petition . We hope we get plenty of signatures to make our volleyball team better and more positive , and that generations under us will not go through what most girls on their team have, thank you

examples include:

 - More than one player has suffered depression and self-esteem due to the tactics. Suzi has abused her power and self-esteem is being damaged as a result.

-Many players have quit and no longer had an inspiration to play volleyball , including many not trying out because of her reputation .

-Uses tactics that include making players “examples of” and singling them out.

- Making jokes involving personal issues 

-Listening to the coaches talking badly about the players on the court , while on the bench or around them . 


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