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Stop Suspending Students With JUULs Instead Provide Them With The Resources To Quit.

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Vapes. Its one of the biggest problems facing Windermere High School. The bigger problem? The way the school tackles the issues. Currently, schools treat those that they catch with Vapes like disobedient children when the truth is they need to be treated like people with a disease. The disease? Addiction. One of the most common vapes used by teenagers is JUULs. JUULs are an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System like cigarettes JUULs provide the user with a powerful Buzz ranging from 30 seconds to a minute but unlike cigarettes, there is no tar or smell. With the benefit of no smell, it allows teenagers to use it almost anywhere even in plain sight which only accelerates the rate at which the addiction sets in. Instead of recognizing that these students should be provided with the resources to quit the school suspends the students in hopes that suspended them and confiscating the device will magically stop their addiction but that is not the case. It actually has the opposite effect it takes the student from being able to feed their addiction and focus on school to having to resort to robbing other students of their JUULs to feed their addiction. This, in turn, leads to fights and violence that is simply unnecessary. If the school instead of suspending the student and punishing them for a mistake that they made and now has become an addiction tried to assist the teenager in quitting the same way they would treat a student they caught with cigarettes it would decrease the rate of re-offense. Though the school can provide statistics on how students that have their JUUL usually don't get caught again it doesn't mean they aren't using the JUUL it simply means they have learned not to get caught. To truly fix this problem I propose that the school changes their policies to treat JUUL addictions more like a Health issue than a disciplinary issue. This can be done by instead of suspending teenagers and depriving them of their education they refer the student to an addiction specialist that will be on school campus which will then discuss with the teenager on how they can quit and assist the student in the process of quitting. Suspending students for having a JUUL is not making the community safer it is only making it worse by depriving students of their ability to succeed in school and receive the treatment that they need for their illness. Let's treat the epidemic before it starts.

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