Make KU Go Online While COVID Pandemic Worsens

Make KU Go Online While COVID Pandemic Worsens

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Considering the worsening state of American healthcare in COVID times, with the newest Omicron variant being attributed to increasing hospitalizations, along with the lack of access to ICU beds and hospitals in the State of Kansas, it does not make sense for KU to proceed with in person classes for the foreseeable future. 

It is a move that will negatively impact University staff and students alike. The University of Kansas should be considerate of high-risk staff that have been and could potentially be exposed to COVID as a result of resuming classes. Students should also be considered. It is nonsensical and irresponsible to allow classes to resume on campus when it will result in increased COVID exposures, with some students still not demonstrating compliance with the University’s established mask policy. 

Isolation as a result of exposure to COVID and getting tested (potentially retested) results in absences from class and an inequality of access to class/lecture materials, especially when some instructors are so adamant about not using Zoom to increase in-person attendance. Some students may attend class despite having COVID-like symptoms, being exposed to COVID, or having COVID (knowingly or unknowingly) to avoid missing lectures. 

So far, KU has sent out an email about masks being required in Allen Fieldhouse at events, rather than suggesting the usage of masks, though such a measure is not enough to protect against super-spreader social events on and off campus. This measure will not the yield drastic results for the health of the KU community that the administration wishes it will have. 

Lastly, the vaccination rate for the State of Kansas, including the KU community, does not reach the threshold for herd immunity. Understanding that nonvaccinated individuals are more likely to suffer more intense symptoms and higher mortality upon COVID infection, it does not seem like a practical move to resume in person classes until the pandemic has become more manageable. 


9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!