Paperless schools: Joshua "Bud" Brown's petition for Douglas county high school project.

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In this day and age almost everything that involves school work can be done virtually, from homework, to tests, to Ebooks. We are living in a digital world and the Government, County, City, State, and Federal Government needs to conform to this growing digital age. Over $25,000 is spent in each and every school on paper every year. This is a huge part of deforestation, which plays a large part of global warming. I believe that this is a social, environmental, and financial issue. Schools spend another $7,500 a year just printing on these papers. These costs are causing more taxes for Americans to pay. Instead we can use computers which many schools already have and/or have access to, even if schools had to buy more computers would be a more cost effective and modern solution than buying paper. Many computers last for years and years, being a reliable teaching source and method for American teachers and their students. Taxpayers money can go elsewhere in education, into more important education issues such as school music and arts programs and many schools needs architectural updates and don't have the funding for them. These extra funds from cutting out paper and printer ink can solve these issues. We all know that teachers have one of the most difficult jobs in America. Teaching is a job that has teachers getting up early to plan classes and staying up late grading papers. The worst part is they don’t get compensated as much as many Americans believe they should, along with many out-of-pocket costs for things like art supplies, experiment supplies, and things that make the student lives easier. Teachers could save a lot of money by not having to buy their own paper which many teachers across the country are forced to do because schools can’t afford the printing ink that is needed to make work packets and work books. Teaching is a difficult job that you must be passionate about. Educators make our lives better; let's make their lives better by paying them back in a small way that I hope can bring justice to this issue. We need to stop using paper so that teachers don't need to worry about supplies for classes and they can just put things online for the kids so they can focus on the important part of their jobs. The extremely important job of educating children so we can have a better generation than the ones before us and as we hope the next generation after us can be even better and so on until the end of time. As we prepare to educate these new generations to come, they need a world to live in, and to help this world stay at its peak environmental condition or get even better we need to stop deforestation. We need to cut down on paper to cut down on trees being cut down. So in a synopsis, we need to cut down on paper usage to cut down on killing the Earth. In conclusion, everyone should sign my petition to help everything and everyone. Let’s adapt to this digital world and save money and the Earth, making this world a better one.

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