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Help Josiah wheat recieve mental help jail will not fix him

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here's a little about josiah.... today 8/31/17 he was arrested by douglas county sheriffs dept for a crime. Commited.. we are not asking for the crime to be ignored or for this to go away but we are asking for him to receive medical treatment hes diagnosed skitsophrantic... he killed innocent little puppies and recorded it and posted to social media... why because in his unstable mind he does not think what he did was wrong... here's his story.. I feel I have to start this ... what he did is terrible its wrong and absolutely disgusting.... but I wanna also explain josiah is not this person... he use to be one of the most amazing people i have ever met! With a heart of gold! Hes been diagnosed with skitsophrania...hes not on his meds... why? Because in his mind the doctors are trying to kill him he told me this last night... he also does know right from wrong but because of his disorder and not being medicated what's wrong to us isn't to him! He felt because the neighbors dog got his dog  pregnant that it was rape and he felt bad for his dog... which to us, normal not sick ppl thats an insane reason! I just wanna say josiah needs help mentally not by threatening him or saying he deserves to die or be beaten... he has been through a lot! Going from star athlete and very loved to as what some have called him a weirdo or freak.... he cant help he got sick he can help not taking his meds but would u if u truly thought the doctors were trying to kill you? U all are entitled to your opinions but please remember hes someones son brother grandson etc and they are hurting enough! I pray he don't slip through the cracks and he gets the help he needs! You all can say there's no excuse or im making excuses and thats fine but at the end of the day I know without a doubt I tried to help him!

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