Demand American Airlines care about passenger and crew safety and security #PowerofCaring

Demand American Airlines care about passenger and crew safety and security #PowerofCaring

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Every day, millions of us board airplanes for millions of reasons. We have a realistic expectation that when we do, the airline we choose is doing all it can to reduce risk and keep us safe and secure. A great many of us choose American Airlines with that very expectation.

Yet, these are the scary truths:

  • American Airlines is currently sending the jobs of its maintenance workers outside the U.S. to low-bid, third-party providers who are often unregulated or less-regulated than work completed by its own employees. American Airlines is also outsourcing the work of facilities maintenance, fleet service, logistics and other ground support jobs to low-bid, third-parties in the U.S., and is pushing for employee contracts that would increase outsourcing even more.
  • During bankruptcy, American Airlines outsourced the process of aircraft cabin security inspections to a third-party, low-bid vendor with extremely high turnover rates. 
  • American Airlines is seeking to outsource the critical process of de-icing its aircraft to third-party, low-bid vendors at select hub locations—work currently performed by its own dedicated and experienced fleet service workers. 

These jobs that American Airlines wants to outsource are the work of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are responsible for ensuring the planes we fly on are fit for flight.

So, why does American Airlines want to outsource this critical work? We believe it to be for the same reason it crams more seats onto already overcrowded airplanes—the elimination of good American jobs provides its executives with even more profits.

The impact of outsourcing can be devastating.

Scarcely regulated maintenance and repairs can lead to:

  • Lack of structural integrity and inferior parts
  • Increased mechanical malfunction and failure rates
  • Increased flight delays and inconvenience
  • Increased risk for passengers and crew

Loss of American jobs can lead to:

  • Direct negative impact on local and nationwide economies
  • Loss of quality of life for AA employees and their families

American Airlines claims that it’s operating in the best interest of the public, consumers, and its employees. Yet, it continues to ask for concessions—including health benefits and medical costs, retirement packages, and jobs—designed to increase profits, but could also increase risk.

The employees of American Airlines care about your safety and security, and we know you do as well. Don’t you think American Airlines should care too?

Discover the #PowerofCaring by telling American Airlines that you support its employees in their pursuit of change.

By signing this petition, you are:

  1. Calling upon American Airlines to agree to stop outsourcing to third-party vendors both in the U.S. and abroad;
  2. Calling upon American Airlines to allow its employees to recapture previously lost work;
  3. Calling upon American Airlines to increase the hiring of skilled aircraft and facility mechanics, material logistic, fleet service and other ground support workers in the U.S.;
  4. Calling upon American Airlines to reinstate previously-held benefits packages to its employees; and
  5. Calling upon elected officials to submit legislation that addresses the homeland security risks, and erosion of passenger and flight crew safety, caused by the increase in aircraft maintenance, logistics, and fleet service outsourcing.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!