Plastic Free Aisle in Walmart Stores!

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Why plastic? Plastic is in everything. It's terrible for our environment and our health. Recently, a store in Amsterdam offered alternatives to plastic and opened a plastic-free aisle. They are the first store in the world to do so.

Let's get Walmart to commit to being the first store in the United States to offer a plastic-free aisle. Start local with a Walmart in Oklahoma City. Another person is trying to get signatures for Target. I would like to see Walmart as well!

A few issues with plastics:

Sea turtles think plastic bags look like jellyfish. I like sea turtles and would prefer not to harm them.
Fish are found to have plastics in their bodies. No thank you.

Microplastics are in clothing, toothpaste, face scrubs, body washes, and more.  It's 2018. There has got to be some better options.

Swimming in a pristine part of the ocean - until you're surrounded by garbage. Seriously, not cool.
Plastic is not compost's best friend. 

It's not about banning plastic, it's about offering alternative products (such as #plasticfree reusable straws) and opening doors for new companies to sell their plastic-free products in a large chain store. Walmart has the opportunity to broaden and strengthen their commitment to sustainability. So, what do you say Walmart? Will you offer a plastic-free aisle in Oklahoma City?

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