Legalizing medicinal/recreational marijuana in the south

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Marijuana may have a stigma as an illegal drug but in 2018, we need to be looking past stigmas and start focusing on reality. The reality is that Marijuana, while known for its recreational use, is also known to be able to treat or lessen the side effects of Alzheimers, MS, IBS, Lupus, Arthritis and more. Prohibition has historically proven to be ineffective. In the united states, in more states than not, you can be fined excessively and jailed for as little as a quarter of a gram if you're a recreational user. This is a large contributing factor in our jails being overcrowded. Especially in Alabama. All the while, we have little regulation on alcohol and nicotine. Not to say people should not be allowed to enjoy their beer or cigarette but those are both substances with a high addiction rate on top of harmful withdrawal symptoms. Lets look past the norm and question why it was made illegal in the first place. Lets look how we can regulate sales, the same as alcohol and nicotine. And more importantly, lets acknowledge the medical benefits and get the current laws out of the way of medical progress.