Insert 4-WAY STOP @ Simcoe st/Douglas st in Woodstock, Ontario

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The safety of our fellow neighbours and residents should be more important than getting to a location faster by cutting through side streets. As drivers, we all know there can be delays due to high traffic periods... please be more mindful and leave a little early so you don’t feel “rushed”. There are many side streets and ones that are known to be “low traffic” such as Simcoe st (parallel to Dundas St) tend to cause near accidents and one confirmed within the last 65 days.

At the intersection of Simcoe st & Douglas st... there was recent construction and it has worsened the location. I have family that moved on the corner of the interesection about 5 months ago and to have witnessed the amount of speeding and near accidents is unreal. In the span of a 30 minute window... I was able to count 3 failures to stop, speeding at 70 + km/hr, & many breaks being slammed on. This is a CONSISTENT occurrence and there has been 1 car accident already because of this... Therefore, please take the two minutes out of your day to avoid more accidents from happening. 


Please sign and share this petition! Putting in a four way stop would allow drivers to be more aware of the oncoming traffic entering from Dundas onto Douglas st.