Wage increase for LTC

Wage increase for LTC

September 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vicki Cater

Is the pandemic over?!

Just curious as our “front line worker appreciation” pay was discontinued and for all intents and purposes, the pandemic itself is VERY much still in play.

Nursing/psw’s work countless hours in LTC homes that are consistently short due to sub-standard wages. NOBODY wants to care for the elderly. It is considered a “grunt job”. There needs to be an increase to attract potential employees.

I will tell you that I LOVE my career. I chose it based on a genuine love for the elderly. I understand that you (Doug Ford) have family in a LTC home.  

EVERY LTC home is understaffed. There was NO “a-ha moment” due to the pandemic. This has been an issue for a VERY long time, and it NEEDS to change!  Stop turning a blind eye.

YOU have the power to make this change.

Our senior citizens deserve better. Without them, we would not be here. YOU, would not be sitting in the office you currently hold.

It disgusts me how our elderly have become redundant, yet pay astronomical amounts to sit in their filth, day in and day out, due to staff shortages because the “powers that be” have decided that they are not worthy of extra funding.

Their meals go cold because there aren’t enough hands to go around to make sure that they get fed immediately when their meals are delivered. They have persistent UTI’s because everyone is too busy to help them drink or void on demand (how long can you go without drinking/voiding)?  They sit alone in a quiet room, staring at walls, as nobody has the time to spend with them, or simply turn their tv on.  Their beds go, unmade, their teeth; hair, unbrushed as time is limited.  Staff is limited.  It’s dehumanizing. They have suffered alone while this virus takes the last bits of their life because there is NO extra staff to entertain, or hold their hand and reassure them that they are loved!!

I am DISGUSTED with Ontario....with Canada.

Is this how we pay homage to OUR people?!?!

I cry daily. My family is worried about MY mental health, while I am worried about my residents mental health.

These are our grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers etc. These are people who are part of our history, and deserve better.

What are YOU doing to ensure accountability in LTC?!

PLEASE!!! Listen!!! Increase LTC home wages. This will entice more Health caregivers to LTC.

  • Increase funding to LTC. YOU will, one day, reap the benefits. We are all born to die...but we all deserve dignity.
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Signatures: 60Next Goal: 100
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