Support Ontario Nurses. Get CNO to waive nurses’ registration fees!

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The world is currently at war with a pandemic that is affecting our entire lives. Frontline workers have been fighting this war for almost a year. Pandemic pay was a small token of appreciation that some frontline workers received. This isn’t enough. Nurses have been working tirelessly through the pandemic taking care of patients, putting their own lives at risk.

Every year in December nurses are required to pay money to the College of Nurses (CNO) to maintain our registration. With the current situation with the pandemic and nurses being in the spotlight as frontliners, should we have to pay to keep up our registration?

Doug Ford: please have our fees waived through the CNO. The war is far from over and nurses will never surrender to Covid-19. This small token will help nurses keep going and stay motivated to fight the battle against Covid-19. Earlier this year nurses received only a 1% wage increase in the midst of working in the pandemic while others received more. Nurses receive this 1% wage increase every year. This year should have been different but unfortunately it was not. All we are asking for is to waive our registration fees for 2020 as a thank you for the selfless work we have done. 

From one nurse to the other hundreds of thousands of nurses in Ontario, please join me in signing this petition!