Support Ontario Companies Trying to Produce Essential Equipment for Front-line Workers

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Under normal circumstances being a health care worker can be challenging, with the COVID-19 pandemic, circumstances have become life-threatening. The shortage of masks and other PPE is resulting in health care workers having to put their own lives at risk to care for others. In some cases, health care workers have been reported to be wearing their masks for periods of up to 12 hours when protocol is to change PPE between patients to ensure that there is no additional transfer of the virus.

Coming to the aid of our frontline workers, companies in Ontario are pivoting in order to help address the PPE shortage through a variety of means. Manufacturing and sterilization techniques have been adapted for production and sterilization of PPE and masks. 

The ability to sterilize masks is vital to provide frontline workers with the protection they need to do their jobs without risking their own lives. Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, has spoken about the serialization of masks. According to Dr.Tam, “It is one of the most important and, I think, worthwhile lines of pursuit for personal protective equipment right now". The need for widespread access to sterilization technology is critical to successfully protecting our health care workers and their families.

The Provincial and Federal Government have issued a call-to-action for Canadian businesses and manufacturers to help deliver critical health supplies that will help Canada fight the COVID‑19 pandemic, however businesses are facing challenges getting insurance and liability coverage to fulfill this need successfully.

While businesses are responding, the manufacturing and sterilization techniques being created to fight COVID-19 are so new that they are unable to receive adequate insurance coverage- the technology is available, but companies are running into roadblocks of insurance and liability. This is where we need to call on our provincial government for support and protection.
Ontario is already behind British Colombia who has provided liability indemnity for new technologies, or new uses of technologies, to help fight COVID-19. However, a similar indemnity is not yet available in Ontario.

By signing this petition, you are advocating for the Government of Ontario to provide a similar indemnity. We aim to inform the provincial governments across Canada about this situation. The goal is for the Government of Ontario to recognize the real need for assistance.  British Colombia has paved the way to allow companies to move forward with their ground-breaking technologies by providing protection against liability for those providing services to fight COVID-19.

Many companies are stepping up to the plate and pivoting their operations to aid in the fight against COIVD-19, so why isn’t Ontario’s provincial government matching the efforts of their businesses who want to help during this crisis?