Protect your Personal Image & Privacy Right!

Protect your Personal Image & Privacy Right!

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Matt-Lisa Gonder started this petition to Bill Walker (MPP - Bruce Grey Region) and


I would like to bring up a moral and civil negligence issue that comes across and looks subtle but yet it is not and it is an invasion on Individual(s) Basic Personal Image and Privacy Right. As a society legislators have to recognize that is it time to implement a stronger law with substance to protect our personal image and privacy for the true meaning of freedom that should apply to all people equally. I will be speaking mainly of the large population of divorced individuals in Canada because this is our issue surrounds this situation but the issues applies to every living being; divorced, married, single, young, middle aged and/or old.

Fact:  Google: Number of divorced people in Canada 2000-2020 | Statists Nov 12, 2020 — In 2020, there were about 2.71 million people who had obtained a legal divorce and not remarried in Canada.  According to the latest Statistics Canada data, approximately 38 per cent of all marriages end in divorce with the divorce rate peaking around 41% in the 1980s. While the total divorce rate has been steady…

Further neglecting and not implementing a well defined moral civil law for Canadian citizens is only contributing and will continue to have adverse mental and emotional health effects on the welfare of more and more people in the years to come. I am bring this up for the good of all, not to cause any harm to anyone, to help the people in the Province and Country as a whole.

We are in a New Modern Age which is changing  faster than we can keep up with. The laws around Social Media is extremely grey and it must be addressed sooner rather then later.

Social Media Platforms to name a few like; Facebook and Instagram have many great attribute when used properly in the manner it was intended to be used. However it is evident, they do face many challenges as they are not perfect. 

Fact: Google say;  “Statics show; Facebook started on February 4th, 2004. Facebook's revenue grew from 7.87 billion in 2013 to 70.7 billion US dollars in 2018. That year, the social network accumulated a net income of 18.49 billion US dollars, ranking first among social media companies in annual revenues. Feb 3, 2020”

Fact: Google says: “There are more than 19 million Facebook users in Canada alone. More than 14 million Canadians check their Facebook news feed every day. 

Fact: Population in Canada 37.59 million (2019)” That’s 51% of the population using Facebook today and it’s a real free for all. 

These types of company has become very powerful in so many ways and continue to be a force to recon with. We Canadians are contributing to their success and we also need to be contributing to the protections of the invasion on our own individual basic personal image and privacy right  when and if it is being infringed upon.

Over the past 14 years Facebook and many other foreign online companies of different services have not and are still currently not properly contributing taxes in Canada, as an accountant, I see it quite often.

Fact:  Google says: Facebook and Instagram will charge the goods and services tax on online advertisements purchased through their Canadian operations. Aug 30, 2018 Facebook, Instagram to charge GST on online ads by mid-2019. 

Dear friends; They have been in existence since 2004, sigh!!!   :/

All the while making enormous profits on mindless videos and ads. The strategy they use to exploiting all subscribers bar non is to get them to interface by allowing subscribers to post pictures of themselves, communicate or socialize and share information with other subscribers all for FREE which is fine but in the interim permitting subscribers to also exploit anyone else's personal image and privacy with or without awareness, without giving the subscribers and non-subscribers any privacy protection rights.

At the moment Facebook et al. FREE Social Media Platforms are the Judge and the Jury of their platforms only for profit, unfortunately, at the expense of the subscribers and non-subscribers.  There solution is; They've created a BLOCK feature and insinuate it is to protect all subscribers posts from other subscribers who they do not want to share information with or hide from. However, everything remains in public circulation on cyber space, you really cannot hide!  In my opinion this does not protecting anyone because it is a public platform. It only protects Facebook et al. social media platforms alike. It is truly a misconception and breaths distribution and infringement and exploitation on many individuals Basic Personal Image and Private Right without the people even being aware of it.

Years ago a separation agreement consisted of basic clauses around ownership in or division of property; support obligations; the right to direct the education and moral training of their children; the right to custody of and access to their children.

Prior to 2004 there was no need to worry or mention Social Media Posts or any other source of Public Media leakage on what one may feel is an invasion of very personal image(s) of themselves being permanently published within a completely estranged and/or no longer existent relationship in this agreement. It's time now to make this a mandatory clause in separation agreements and for everyone else who has separated prior to the current time should have a choice to be grandfathered in, if desired.

It is understood that;
We have the liberty to display any pictures/videos in our possession of any intimate event of any time in our lives whether it is currently accurate or no longer accurate in a Temporary Private Public Setting anywhere.

ie: Establishment such as; funeral home, a celebration of life,  wedding, baptisms etc... but it is also understood that it is to be taken down by the owner and brought back to their private dwelling at the end of the event. 

We all have the  rights to displayed a currently accurate or a no longer accurate pictures/videos in our private dwelling permanently or not permanently, however we wish without offending or harming or intruding in anyone’s lives.

There is no place in our Society for this type of behavior to take place on a FREE Public Social Media Setting leaving people without a say, any control or consent rights of any pictures/videos where they are being made part of without consent and more so when an individual is BLOCKED by the posting party and exploiting the persons image publically. Unless, it is mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Especially when this lead  to a person feeling;

a) the pictures are being used inappropriately and serves no good purpose for anyone in the picture(s) or for the occasion and it is being use to serve themselves only

b) it is done to make a public statement at the expense of another and infringing on someone feelings other than themselves

c) it’s done in bad taste 

d) infringes on a person humility and image

d) done with a lack of common sense - used to show, power and control and feels in their right to displayed and used any and all such personal images of others publically with out consent. 

Common sense would dictate that if a person would not permanently display any such past personal intimate event picture(s) openly in the privacy of their own dwelling. It should not be Posted on a FREE Public Social Media setting without consent.

It's really simple, if someone blocks you or vis a versa (it implies there is conflict) or you are estranged or if someone a stranger to you. They should not be posting images of you past or present on Social Media (permanently). The right thing to do is "ASK FOR PERMITION OR  JUST DON'T IT!"

It blatantly leave the questions for motive, (which is irrelevant in the court of law in this particular circumstance but while not in others circumstances. Motive carries a lot of weight, it displays judgement and intent, this seems biases in our system of law).

However, it show without denial that the act of wanting to create a public statement as they are using their own judgement, power and control over a Stranger, estranged or blocked individual, when the images being used of the person who is the main front row, center image of a photo, without any regards or concerns of how this impacts or victimizing the feelings or can affect the mental state of a person and how these actions can or may affect the present and/or future life of the  person in general.  Who are left with no rights what so ever in the public distribution arena of his/her own past and private life.

Social media started reaching people in 2004. It was targeted mainly to teenagers and young adults.  By 2007 to date people of all ages are using Social Media platforms including my 93 year old mother who now has a Memorial Facebook Account for the Rest of Eternity (that is pretty significant) on Public Social Media.  Which is fine, there is no harm done here as there is nothing on her Facebook that infringes or exploits any Individuals Personal Image and Privacy Right.  If we were made aware of any it would be removed without a second though.

There are laws governing consent around so many non intimate morally personal items such as; private property images, government images, children playing in play grounds images etc., celebrities images, copy right images, commercial images, business images, (for profit)TV & videos images, TV language etc… But we have no legislation governing the rights of a living human adult's image front row, center posted by an estranged or stranger in a past or present setting on a Social Media Platform, be it temporarily or permanent that should require consent or at the least be blurred out.

If this service was a PAYABLE PLATEFORM  these issues would not exist as much, if any at all.  The fact remains this it is a FREE PLATEFORM  (purposely structured  to maximize revenues) and exploitation is now a right.  These unexpected, unwanted, troubling situations are happening and will continue to persist at the expense of the many people by those who are troubled, have bad judgement skills, are manipulative or unstable without any recourse.

Should humans over the age of 18 (adults) be treated as objects or property by anyone? Where and when does our living human personal image and privacy right come into play or do we have none because freedom of expression is more important? Or do we need to continue to give all the power to Social Media Platforms such as Facebook et al. to continue meddling in our lives? When is enough, enough???

The average middle class citizen does not signed up to be public ally exploited or be treated as a public figures, or as property in any social circle, especially not by others outside of their own circle nor should anybody be made to feel as property by anyone living being on this earth.  This should be the least of our basic human right as living human beings. It is our responsibility however to protect our personal image and privacy and we should have the right to know when and where our image(s) are being circulated out of our control and by who. WE NEED TRANSPARENCY AND THE RIGHT TO A SAY!!! 

It is not as blatened as sexual intimacy images, pornography, child pornography images but non the less it is as damaging. For many as humiliating as any pictures being exposed in a unwanted situation/setting where it is no longer their choice or in an unfavorable condition which is out of their control.

I understand that if you are not in this situation the impact may seen frivolous and/or unimportant or mild.  But when you are in this situation, you feel complete powerless, taken advantage of and really have no personal privacy right protection or rights what so ever. 

There is no problem when a friend, acquaintance or family member posts an image(s) of you public ally in the proper context and in normal circumstances and if you it makes you uncomfortable you ask them to take it down for whatever your personal reasons, they do so.

The problem comes when you ask a person you are estranged from or a stranger to not post and share image(s) of you past or present with or without them  public ally on a permanently FREE Social Public Platforms or in any Public Media setting of any kind and they do not conform. You are left powerless, completely out of your control, without any right which is outright disrespectful, vindictive, controlling, emotionally and mentally hurtful.

We are very passionate about this very personal concern.  We are ready to fight to ensure awareness and recognition that OUR INDIVIDUAL CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS matters in this forum. In hopes to make a positive change in the lives of many people who feel others may have more power than they do with respect to their own personal and private image distribution by others on any and all social media platforms. Especially when it is potentially a permanent act.

I believe I have a valid concern, it is humanitarian in nature, it’s based on value and morals, humility and personal image. Some provinces such as: Quebec and states such as: New Jersey have implemented laws around this issue.  It is now time Ontario and the rest of Canada gets on board too.

Our goal is to make culprit offenders accountable for their actions and all Free Social Media Platforms be part of the solution and not the problem by imposing a New Category of Human or Civil Ethics rules and laws Provincial and/or Federal legislation to deter, correct or enforce our human and civil right through a legal channel, whichever is most appropriate for the circumstance surrounding the issue of allowing subscribers to currently have the right to infringe/exploit anybody’s (other than themselves) personal image and privacy right, if one feel it is offensive, inappropriate or does not want the exposure by any particular person for any personal reason what so ever.

If someone blocks you for years, why should they have the right to post and share intimate event front row, center images of you and get away with it???  This is very daunting and creepy to say the least. 


Please sign up and share, it takes just a minute and it FREE!!! Sharing this petition is the heart beat of what keeps us safe and whole and creates a better world for all of us to live in!!!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”– Aristotle

Ps: I opened a dissucion group and you are all welcomed to join. The objectives are to: get updates, discuss, share ideas and personal experiences, knowledge and awareness.

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