Stop Ontario Bill 84 from silencing free speech and religious freedom

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Canada is known as a land of free speech. Everyone gets to have the freedom to do what their conscience feels.

This freedom has been extended from the beginning to religious freedoms. Canada was founded on the grounds of Christianity. The anthem itself says "God keep our land glorious and FREE"

Christian rights are being taken away all over the world and some are being killed. Now we're in a country that's trying to take away free speech by calling it hate speech. The reality is that we're always going to disagree as people with different ways of life

All of us have our convictions and no one should be given the right to silence anyone. That's the beginning of tyranny, abuse and opression. If they take away free speech, what's next that they will take away? Let's stand and call out our politicians to accountability to continue to sustain one of the main things that makes Canada great. Let's fight for freedom of speech because it will affect you sooner or later if it's not rescinded. If they stop this free speech, they will stop any.

Join me to let Doug Ford and Caroline Mulroney know that this is unacceptable, uncanadian and inhumane to silence free speech