Stop Observing Daylight Savings Time (or Standard Time) in Ontario

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Changing our clocks back and forth every 6 months as we switch between Eastern Daylight Time and Eastern Standard Time has numerous negative health implications, as well as a negative impact on the economy:

Over the past number of years and decades, as more and more studies have come out highlighting the negative impact that these semi-annual time changes have on people's health, many places around the world have chosen to either stop observing Daylight Time, or to stop observing Standard Time -- that is, the time stays the same year-round. Even within our own country, time is handled at a provincial level, with Saskatchewan opting to not take part in the time changes.

We, the undersigned, petition the Premier of Ontario, as well as the Government of Ontario, to either stop observing Eastern Daylight Time, or to stop observing Eastern Standard Time, based on the results of public consultations and studies to determine which time zone would be best suited for the people of Ontario.