Stop Doug Ford's OSAP Changes

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Doug Ford has announced major changes to OSAP that will reduce financial aid grants and access for College and University students across the province.

These changes include the elimination of the 6-month interest-free grace period on loans, elimination of the "free tuition" grants for students from low-income families, and replacing current grants with loans. These changes will ultimately lead to higher levels of student debt.

The elimination of the grace period for loan repayment following graduation is a major cause for concern seeing as it takes the average student 6 months to find employment after graduation. Removing the grace period over this time will lead to a longer period of debt repayment and relative financial instability for many students. 

Currently, there are also many low-income and middle-income students relying on OSAP in order to attend post secondary institutions. These changes are harmful to all of us seeing as education should be readily available to all students without entrapping them with mountains of debt upon graduation.

We are calling on Premier Doug Ford, Minister Merrilee Fullerton, and all other PC MPP's to do their part in reversing changes to the OSAP program and give all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, a fair shot at a future they have worked hard to deserve.