Stop Doug Ford From Calling Us His "Friends"

Stop Doug Ford From Calling Us His "Friends"

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Started by Concerned Ontarian

To Premier Doug Ford:

Why are you constantly referring to the People of Ontario as "My Friends"? This is a very presumptuous statement on your part.

The thing is Mr. Ford, we are not your friends, nor will most of us ever be. Your actual friends (allegedly) get things like:

  • Unnecessary (proposed) highways built.
  • Government contracts.
  • Political appointments that they may be completely unqualified for

(On that note, has anyone seen Stephen Lecce recently? You know, the Education Minister with no background in Education... or kids of his own? His smug face was missed during the recent announcement that schools were being shut down again.)

Back to the matter at hand.

As your actions continue to wreak havoc on our families, businesses and overall mental wellness, we believe it's high-time that you stop addressing us as your "friends".

Generally speaking, one doesn't kick their "friend" in the proverbial gonads when they're already struggling.

So to the Honorable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario - we implore you. Go back to calling us "Folks"... or even "Suckers of Ontario". It stings just a little bit less.

Yours truly,

The vast majority of Ontario.

24 have signed. Let’s get to 25!