Sex Trafficking Assembly Implementation in Canadian Public and Private Schools

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Sex trafficking is a horrific organized crime that is responsible for the exploitation of numerous victims by means of force, coercion or fraud. Anyone can become a victim of sex trafficking as sex traffickers seek out their victims in a variety of ways and they prey on the vulnerable. Due to advancement in technology today, sex traffickers have increasingly sought out their victims via the internet, which is often where they are exploited. The Canadian government has implemented laws to deter sex traffickers from committing these heinous acts, however this has been an unsuccessful strategy. We believe that the Canadian government fails to address other significant aspects of sex trafficking such as increasing community awareness and educating the public.

We believe it is critical to increase community awareness and educate the public to engage in the effective prevention of sex trafficking. One way to do so is by implementing an annual public information and awareness assembly in ALL public and private schools across Canada (elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities). The assembly will provide audiences with knowledge regarding the most prevalent areas for sex traffickers, how to prevent oneself from becoming a victim, how to identify victims of sex trafficking, how to report incidences of sex trafficking, safe usage of the internet, and much more.

Research suggests that education and awareness are imperative in preventing sex trafficking. It has been overlooked by the Canadian government and it needs to STOP now. It is time for Canada to take a stand and help create MEANINGFUL CHANGE. Become a part of meaningful change by signing this petition today!