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Our names are Sophia Dewar and Aoife Cogliano, and we are students in London Ontario. We are concerned that students are being under educated in the subject of Sex Ed, and we have chosen to create this petition because since we are currently in grade 5, it directly concerns us. We think it is very important that every child learns how their body works properly, so that they don’t become teen moms or dads. If a certain child’s parents refuse to tell them how their body works, or is the opposite gender and does not know HOW to teach them how their body works, and their teacher is not legally allowed to teach them about it, who will teach them? Someone who is misinformed? Someone who will mislead them? Someone who will take advantage of them? What if their body starts changing before they have been educated about why? The other curriculum, introduced by the liberal party after a long and well-overdue consultation process with thousands of parents and teachers, covered essential topics like same-sex marriage, gender identity, online safety, and consent. It was widely hailed as a huge step forward for gay rights, sexual health, and education all together. Under this new curriculum, info has been provided that can reduce teen pregnancy rates, tolerance has increased, and children are more prepared for a healthy and educated future than ever before. the conservative party's new sex ed curriculum isn't even new at all. It's the curriculum that was in place before some of these topics even became relevant.

To better understand our point of view, please consider the following scenario: Jess’ parents never taught her about her period, and she got it unusually early so it was before she learned it in school, so when she got it, she thought she was sick and had an unnecessary panic. We think it is better to teach Sex Ed at a younger age, so that children will feel more comfortable discussing their bodys, and will know the right words to use if something is wrong.

We believe this problem must be rectified. Please sign this petition.