Save the Ontario Food Terminal!

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Premier Doug Ford and The Ontario Government are trying to sell the Ontario Food Terminal (the OFT) so that developers can build more condos and housing on the land. They propose to move the OFT to a new location within the GTA, but far enough from the reach of local businesses in Toronto. 

What many people don’t realize is that the OFT is a free market where wholesalers and local farmers sell produce and other food items to businesses both locally and out-of-province, from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Produce of all kinds come from local farmers and from all over the world into the OFT!  The OFT helps to keep grocery prices lower and competitive for consumers across Canada.  If the OFT is moved or shut down, local neighbourhood businesses like corner stores and restaurants in Toronto and abroad won’t be able to compete with the big chain store prices and will be pushed out. With a lack of competition, the big chain stores are then free to raise grocery prices.

Additionally, the OFT directly and indirectly employs upwards of 250,000 people!  The workers and those indirectly employed would be losing their livelihoods should the OFT be moved or shut down permanently. The location of the OFT in Toronto’s West End at Park Lawn Road and The Queensway, and adjacent to the Gardiner Expressway, makes it highly accessible for everyone wanting to work or do business there. 

Please sign this petition to stop the sale of the Ontario Food Terminal and let Premier Ford know that going through with the sale would make Ontario Closed for Business!