Reinstate the basic income project in Ontario

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Doug Ford has announced that the basic income pilot project, which was supposed to trial for THREE years, will be scrapped because he's a cheap bastard. Instead of citing any facts or statistics, they just claim it is "obviously not the answer," even after success on the east coast.

This project would provide basic income for those who require it, which would actually allow them to contribute to society economically. A guaranteed $17,000 in each and every Ontarion's pocket means $17,000 saved or spent each year - for each and everyone of your friends and family living in Ontario.

"Under the project, a single person could have received up to about $17,000 a year, minus half of any income he or she earned. A couple could have received up to $24,000 per year. People with disabilities could have received an additional $6,000."

"And this callous, mean-spirited premier sees this as a priority? Making poverty worse? Making life worse for families? Absolutely disgraceful. Shameful,"

- Andrea Horwath, NDP Leader