Reinstate pandemic pay for health care workers. We deserve it and need it!!

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Called to the front line in time of crisis and desperation.

We stood tall on the front lines, when everyone else got to go home, to be with their families. We the PSW’s of Ontario and across Canada were called upon when the government, the politicians and the people of our country had no one else to turn to.

An unrecognized profession, that didn’t seem to matter to our government, suddenly becomes the face of hero’s that are there to take care of the sick, the elderly and the people in need.

With little to no appreciation or recognition for the work we have ALWAYS done, we finally received an increase in pay for our efforts, and what, now we are in phase 3 and we are right back to where we started?? Back to being redundant and pointless in the eyes of our government??

The pandemic is not over, but our increase in pay is?!?!  Our efforts and our sacrifice are still very real.

How did the value of our lives and the desperate need for the services we provide suddenly change in the eyes of our government??

Help me, help yourselves prove to our ungrateful government, make them realize the value of the positions we hold. The hearts and lives of our clients, patients, our loved ones, the people who without us could never survive, they need us!! Our government NEEDS US!!!!

We deserve the recognition, we deserve to be paid well and compensated for the sacrifices that we as PSW’s make every single day!!

Help me show our government that something as small as a $4.00/hr increase to our hourly wages, a drop in the bucket of government funding is something we deserve!!!

Tam says these pandemic restriction can last for another 2 years. So why aren’t we being compensated as long as these restrictions are in place? Are we not still at a higher risk by helping the sick and elderly?

Starving for years at subpar wages and mileage compensation, destroying our bodies, sacrificing our time with our loved ones, working all statutory holidays while everyone else gets to stay home with their families, we deserve to be recognized and compensated for everything that we do!!

The sick and elderly don’t just stop requiring care because it’s a holiday or because we are burned out. We keep working, moving and helping because we have to. Because people need us to.

I’m asking you to sign this petition that will be sent to our government, to the media and through social media, in hopes of forcing our government to recognize the Personal Support Worker profession, and to financially compensate us on an ongoing basis for everything we have always done and continue to do. For being the front line workers that stood up when everyone else was asked to step down to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recognized for the sacrifices we have all made, so others could continue to survive.