Real Small business solutions during COVID-19.

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Small business owners need your help!
Social based & non essential small businesses are doing their part for a healthy Canada and closing their doors to promote self isolation and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the impact to owners can and will be devastating. 

Small business in Canada makes up 90% of the economy. Most of these businesses pay monthly leases. Leases that are dependent on foot traffic. While the addition of EI support is a lovely gesture, the reality is these amounts are not close to the monthly operating costs of our businesses. 
The governments of Ontario and Canada have tried to keep the masses content, but small business owners have gone without.  Everyday we are waiting for our government to announce a fair solution that will help us. We have invested our savings and time, we have created jobs, we are a large part of our communities. It would be devastating to have these businesses shut their doors forever. 

Another loan is not what we need. We have loans. We have loan payments. Approving loans for us now will only set us up for future failure. 

Mr. Premier & Mr. Prime Minister, please call for the pause of all lease payments for these businesses who are doing their part to ensure the safety of Canadians during this pandemic.