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- at least 5844 teachers will be left jobless because of the increased classroom sizes

- It will be more difficult to get help in the increased classroom sizes

- OSAP, IEP, and ESL programs as at the risk of being discontinued or major cuts

- Most after school and before school programs will be getting shut down

- 4 mandatory classes will be taught online which puts students at a disadvantage

- Clubs such as DECA, HOSA, Student Council, art clubs and most teams are at risk

- Cell phone ban

- Say bye to sex education because that's going away. Students need to know about the different risks of sex

- According to "The province says students will also begin to learn knowledge and skills on important topics like building positive body image (grades 2 and 3), consent (grades 2 and 3), family and healthy relationships (grade 2) and online safety (grades 2 and 3).

Students will also learn about puberty (grades 4 to 6), sexual reproduction (Grade 5) and sexual orientation (grades 5 and 6). Students in grades 4-6 will also learn about addiction and legal and illegal substances, and will be taught the dangers of opioid addiction.

Older students will learn about abstinence (grades 7 and 8), sexting (Grade 7), contraception (grades 7 and 8), tolerance and respect (grades 7 and 8), intercourse (grades 7 and 8), and sexually transmitted infections (grades 7 and 8).

Additionally, in the second half of the Grade 8 school year, students will learn about gender identity and gender expression"

- All of this with little knowledge to the public