Protest against Doug Ford's future academic Laws

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Hello, I am a student in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board attending the ninth grade, and I would like to bring up an issue with the future education in Ontario. Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, has made troubling decisions for the future of the students in Ontario. The first decision is that there will be 4 mandatory e-learning online credits required to GRADUATE high school. That means a total of around 480 hours. Most of us either don't have time to do this, as we are already starting to work small jobs to save up for university or college, or we're piled up in homework, or anything else. Some of us don't even have access to the internet, like more rural school district boards. Then there's the cellphone ban. According to Doug Ford, come the new school year in 2019, cellphones will no longer be allowed in classrooms. Shouldn't we use technology to accommodate the changing world around us? Some of us even struggle with mental disorders, in which certain apps are just necessary for us to calm down and get through a school day. Some of us are physically disabled, like having impaired hearing, or not being able to speak. Considering Ford wants to have so much e-learning, that means a lot more use of technology. He is currently sending very mixed messages about what he wants for us. Another factor of the education cuts is that classes will be greater, and teachers will be cut, as well as cuts to certain arts and sports programs. Ford explains that by cutting teachers, the government is saving money, however, this will cost our generation(and future generations to come) our education. The Ford government claims that this will modernize society, but in fact, cutting our education won't do that at all. I will not go through other issues, but his other ideas include cutting autism classes and at least 20% of a funding cut. Thank you for listening, and I hope you really consider signing this petition because this affects the future of at least 2,000,000 students (and yes, I checked this). Thanks.

-Sheana Tchebotaryov; A ninth-grader from Earl of March SS in OCDSB.