Petition to keep Pain Clinc nerve block injections as needed for patients NOT limited.

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I am one of 600 patients at the Cambridge pain clinic that will suffer needlessly if the Ontario Government goes through with the purposed nerve-block treatment reductions. It would mean that a person could only get nerve blocks 4 times a year and only 4 injections at a time.  I myself get 7-8 injections down either side of my spine every two weeks. These injections allow me to be a mother and wife. I still have bad days but I’m able to function somewhat normally and do tasks like grocery shop for my family and walk to pick my daughter up from school. Without getting these injections I would not be able to do that.  Not being able to get these injections would not just effect the person who suffers in pain but also the loved ones and family members. These injections are not addictive. Given that Ontario has such a massive problem with the over use of narcotic’s a pain clinic like the one I visit should be made more available to the public not less. Please help me fight for my family and all the other people who will suffer without these injections on a regular basis. 

Shalon Armstrong

 Please Everyone Email- the Ontario Government will not recognize electronic petitions.