Petition to declare Conservation Workers Essential and Re-Open the Forests

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Time spent in nature is essential. Studies show that time in the forest increases immune cells and decreases stress. Maintenance of these spaces and open access to them is an essential service that our communities need now more than ever. 

This is a petition to mandate the re-opening of all conservation areas and deem conservation workers essential. 

During this time of Covid-19 - when we can’t be with our loved ones and almost everything is closed - please don’t keep the forests, trails and conservation areas closed.  They are a vital sanctuary for the heart and soul of the members of our communities. 

There is a concern that people are overcrowding the forest and that they might gather in groups there - closing the forest won’t change this. People who refuse to respect physical distancing will still do that somewhere else. 

I went to Walmart to get groceries and people physically shoved me to get around me and to get to what they wanted to buy. That is a big box store. We’re allowed to go there and be surrounded by other people but we can’t go to the forest where there is fresh air and plenty of open space. It doesn’t make any logical sense. 

The conservation website suggests people in apartments stand on their balconies and people in houses be in their yard and walk in their subdivisions and that’s fine but it’s not comparable to walking amidst trees, rivers and being immersed in nature. Access to green space feels like a vital and essential human right to me. If you agree, please sign and share this petition to allow conservation workers to be deemed essential and re-open the forests that nourish and sustain so many of us. Our bodies need this, our children need this, our dogs need this. We cannot allow conservation areas to continue to be shut down.