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Mr. Ford I am pleading with you change in our broken system.

I have noticed on a few occasions how people in low income, OW and ODSP families are falling and being left in the cracks of our broken system. These families get free medications, which they truly appreciate, but what many only dream of is for a healthy smile.

I am fortunate enough to have my teeth fixed through braces, but after hard times and an end to a violent relationship I fell into the shambled system of OW. My son's teeth were horrible, but not urgent. Luckily I could repair his teeth with braces, after I got off OW

My heart goes out to those that don't have that opportunity. So, I am only asking for a simple request. Please give the less fortunate the opportunity to feel they belong, are valued, and can apply for jobs without feeling helpless, because of their teeth. 

A program for urgent cases can be implemented yearly, where the most urgent of cases are selected and processed for approval where adults and children whose teeth are in decay, missing, broken, rotting, or disheveled can be repaired at no cost to them. Case workers meet the clients of OW and ODSP and follow the above criteria,  and put them on a waiting list with dentists to approve or disapprove their level of urgency. Every year the most urgent candidates, are selected to have their teeth repaired. 

It would be no different than urgent rhinoplasty cases are accepted and paird for by the Government.  Only this is for teeth.

Most people identify each other through facial appearance, so applying for jobs makes it more difficult. 

I ask our Government to help Canadians that want to be an everyday part of working society, and general public, but cannot because of rejection and a lack of opportunities due to their teeth.