Millions of students are losing critical support during school closures

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COVID-19 continues to deeply impact our everyday lives. Besides our health, the well-being and development of our future generation needs to be top of mind.

As a nation, we will overcome the adversity and challenges from the pandemic. But the abrupt stop to our children's development and growth will have lasting and complex ramifications.


  1. All schools have been shut down
  2. There is inequitable access for families to receive education and learning resources
  3. The majority of teachers have received little to no guidance on how they can better help their students
  4. Efforts such as Learn at Home ( have been hastily put together, and is not yet available.

What can we do:

  1. Call upon our education ministries to take action now
  2. Empower our teachers with resources and funding to support them to better transition to online teaching and learning
  3. Compel private and public education companies to work together with the education ministries to create widespread access to high-quality learning.

Children are our most valuable resource and we need to equip them with the tools they need to build a better and brighter future.