Make Canadian Politics Accountable and Be Heard

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For many years, I have grown concerned with what myself and others observe as a tactic of unaccountability in Canadian politics--particularly at the Federal and Provincial level--to journalists, the media, and the voter.

As a young person I was disheartened that the proportional Electoral Reform that was promised to voters has been abandoned. But, I have not lost faith that our politicians are obliged and liable to hear from their constituents. Simply put, I would like our government to debate being more open and accountable to the public that they serve. 

As an example, many times I have reached out to both Federal Liberal and Provincial Conservative elected officials, to have my concerns and questions go unanswered...unacknowledged. 

I would like to see our federal and provincial chambers debate:

1-adopting compulsory constituency surgery for MP's. This is common practice in other commonwealth democracies, the UK, Australia, and Ireland. I feel currently as if there is little opportunity for MP's to hear from their representatives concerns outside of community organizations, or political fundraisers. 

2-adopting a Code of Conduct for MPs, such as response times of 60 days to constituents inquiries. In the UK, there has been talk of such thing, and if any disciplinary action should happen for MPs who have failed to live up to the responsibility of their constituents: E: Public Duties of Members: 45-53 ( 

My simple wish is that politicians remain accountable to the public that they serve, and that they not shy away from answering questions or concerns on their policies and actions. 

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