Make cameras in pet grooming rooms mandatory

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Animals are being abused in grooming rooms too often! With no cameras how do we prove that our fur babies are safe? Head offices of companies like Petsmart or Pet Valu give us no way to prove that our pets were hurt during their grooming! Then we have no way to force these groomers/companies to take responsibility for their actions.

Cameras in grooming rooms will both deter animal abuse, as well as, give us the means to hold people accountable when they’ve made errors in judgement and abused our pets when we aren’t looking. Just like cameras in daycares protect our children, cameras in grooming studios will protect our fur babies. Even if the actions are accidental, at the bare minimum, it the company’s responsibility to cover the costs it takes to mend the hurt. The only way this can be done is by giving us pet owners a way to prove that our pet’s injuiries occured during their appointment.

Personal story
On Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 I took my dog, Lola, to Pet Valu at Hurontario and Eglinton to be groomed. When I picked her up the groomer had a conversation with me about how she was extremely fidgety and she had to get help from the owner to hold her down during the groom. Obviously I was concerned as to why she was acting that way. Once getting home, after further inspection, I noticed Lola was struggling to keep her right eye open and it was consistently watering. My mom, Catherine and I, decided to inspect the rest of her body in which we noticed she had cuts on her neck. I contacted head office and they say because I paid for the groom and hugged my dog when the groomer gave her back to me I was “satisfied” with the grooming, and they concluded that Lola was not hurt during her appointment. Her eye is on and off in pain and it would have been impossible for me to inspect every part of her body and notice her injuries in the 2 minutes I was in the store; so their argument is absolutely redundant. When I dropped Lola off that day she was absolutely fine and five minutes after leaving her appointment she was yelping like I’ve never heard before. I do not know what happened to my dog that day, but what I do know is that something happened to her eye during the grooming. I know that I am being lied when the groomer, Karen, says that she did not hurt my baby. It is now a week later and Lola’s eye is still shut for half the day and I have no explanation for it. It is a shame we live in a world where people cannot take responsibility for their actions. If you value honesty, DO NOT GO TO THIS PET VALU. Share to spread awareness to fellow pet owners.