Legalize Hookah ( Water-Pipe ) In Ontario

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Hookah or ( Water-pipe ) has become something very popular over the years to all the people living in Ontario. Recently there have been a lot of Hookah cafes open around Ontario and they have hired a lot of people to work and created a lot of jobs. Hookah is a cultural practice for almost every middle eastern person and it is very popular in the middle east and else where around the world. If hookah was to be banned in Ontario it will effect more than 100 business who mostly depend on only selling hookah to customers. People who do not like to smoke hookah they don't need to go to a hookah cafe, because a hookah cafe is meant for the people who want to go and smoke hookah and enjoy a social evening. Together we have to send this message to the government of Ontario, Canada and all the municipalities to act for the people and prevent the huge business loss that could hit the province and get people to be really upset by ruining their cultural practice.