Hinduphobia - Toronto Public Library Events Supporting it

Hinduphobia - Toronto Public Library Events Supporting it

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John Tory (Toronto Mayor) and

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Started by Varun Bharti

Dec 9th 2021, 4pm


Its shameful that Toronto Public Library is hosting an event which supports Hinduphobia as it is allowing anti India as well anti Hindu culture speech during the event. 

Purpose of the event is to create a false narrative that India is becoming a Facist Nation where minorities are discriminated against & state sponsored censor is enforced on the Media in all sense, but the reality is in reverse. 

India is the largest democracy in the world, which encompasses most diverse population not seen anywhere in the world. This Event is challenging the legitimacy of the democratically elected government which has played a key role in the current pandemic by donating Covid vaccine to many nations across the globe.

This event is purely Hindu Phobic & Anti India, therefore we request Ontario Premier & Toronto Mayor to cancel it and also ensure that these kind of events are not allowed in the future.

Indian Origin Canadians are peaceful & most contributing members of the society, and a large majority of them are Hindus which are offended by the actions of Toronto Public Library Hosting this sort of an event. 

60 have signed. Let’s get to 100!