Give our Sterilization Technician the Hazard Pay they Deserve

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Hi Everyone!

I urge you to support our Sterilization Technicians

Sadly, Doug Ford, has left them out of the hazard pay he has offered the health care workers.

But why were they left out. Every single piece of PPE that is used for Covid-19 prevention is sent to them. They clean, sterilize and send them back on the floor. This being said, they might not be on the floor but they come in contact with equipment that could be infected with Covid-19.

They might not be on the frontline caring for patient, But they are on the frontline caring for healthcare workers. They are keeping them safe with clean equipment.

My wife works hard, along her colleges to ensure that our doctors and nurse are protected and are an essential service to the hospital.

What if they all walk out right now, who would keep the doctors and nurses safe?

To every Sterilization technician within Canda, I say Thank you for your service to our Doctors, Nurses and to us the patients.